Why Use Us

businessServices Why Use Us

We offer a full range of business and personal financial services and are happy to provide a single service or as many as you need. Bob’s direct involvement gives you the most comprehensive and efficient financial solutions, providing you with value by saving time and money, while meeting your financial needs.

If you’re a small business, you may be struggling to “do it all.” You are likely very skilled in your profession or industry and potentially less proficient in accounting, payroll, tax, and general finance.

And if you’re a small business that is economizing, one of the first areas that you may have to cut is a critical service you really need. Or, a function that you’re less skilled in performing. Accounting and finance is often neglected.

With bank lending and access to working capital and funding such a challenge, your small business may find it harder to get financing. While not a lender, Whatcott & Associates can help you compile your financial statements and improve your opportunity to obtain financing.

Basically, you should consider Bob Whatcott as your accountant and financial advisor, filling any of these important responsibilities. And while you benefit from Bob’s expertise, you don’t have the expense of a full time employee.