What payroll services does Whatcott & Associates offer?
We provide “same day” payroll services for any size business, which includes Quarterly Payroll Reports, IRS Required EFTPS Filing, Employee Direct Deposit if preferred, year-end W- 2s and 1099s.

What tax services does Whatcott & Associates provide?
As a tax professional, we offer these services: Individuals, Partnerships, LLC’s, Corporations, Estate, & Trust Returns, including returns for all 50 states; Free Electronic Filing of All Returns; Year Round Tax Planning & Consulting; Quarterlies & 1099’s; New Business Setup, Consultation & Support.

What small business & individual services does Whatcott & Associates offer?
We offer the following services to small businesses and individuals: Full Service Accounting & Bookkeeping; Business Consulting & Planning; QuickBooks Services; Tax Preparation & Planning (Individuals, Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships); Same Day Payroll Processing; Quarterlies & 1099’s; New Business Setup, Consultation & Support; Investment Wealth & Retirement Planning; Contractors & Homeowner Associations; E-Filing for Rapid Refund.

Does Whatcott & Associates offer tax assistance for multiple states?
We prepare tax returns for all 50 states. Many of our clients have moved or have ownership interests in other states. In addition to tax season, we often assist with the sale of property in other states and answer a variety of tax related questions.

How long does it typically take for Whatcott & Associates to prepare a tax return?
During tax season, it takes approximately one week to prepare a tax return if you have all of your information. With an appointment and your information, you can sit at the desk with Bob and prepare your return together.

Who prepares the tax returns at Whatcott & Associates?
All of our tax return work is done by Bob, who is accessible at any time to answer questions.

Where is Whatcott & Associates located?
We are located at 923 South River Road, Suite 202 in St. George, UT (link)

How do I learn more about Whatcott & Associates?
Please call us at 435.673.1888 or use our convenient form. (link)