Sep 27, 2012

America’s View on ObamaCare

Does America Understand ObamaCare?

According to Sarahh Kliff of The Washington Post, “Fewer Americans know how ObamaCare works than did two years ago.” Why is this? Well, below are sections from a poll that The Associated Press released on Wednesday, September 27, 2012:


Obamacare Poll 2010 vs. 2012 Americas View on ObamaCare

Even though these individuals answered the above questions, most of them still aren’t sure their opinions are even accurate. Kliff put it simply. “Unless you’re working in the health-care space, there’s not a lot of reason to know about the tax subsidies and mandate penalties until they roll out the door.” To view the entire poll, click HERE.

What Will Really Happen

Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona released an article today outlining his views on how ObamaCare will effect families. Kyl states that “The problem our country faces under ObamaCare boils down to a fairly simple math equation: in the years to come, the cost of implementing this law will continue to far outpace the amount of revenue collected from the taxes paid by those who refuse coverage.”

Then we have a Fox News report published on Wednesday that shows most Americans accepting that ObamaCare will eventually be implemented, like it or not. The question asked was this:

What do you think is most likely to happen with the health care law?

Only 12% said that they believed ObamaCare would be repealed.

There are a lot of polls and public opinions out there regarding ObamaCare, its healthcare laws, penalties, and overall effects these things will have on the American family. We can’t be sure as to what will happen until it actually happens.

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